Thursday, June 2, 2011

Starter on 92 GMC Sonoma?

How do I go about changing the starter on my 1992 GMC Sonoma? It is hard as heck to get back in there to turn the bolts. I have never seen a starter on an older vehicle that was this hard to access. I have changed starters before, but this one I am having difficulty with. Can anyone tell me what is the best way to do this?Starter on 92 GMC Sonoma?
What size engine do you have and also is it 2wd or 4wd.........I will wait..

If equipped, loosen the retaining bolts and remove the skid plate.

Remove the retainers and the brackets holding the brake line to the crossmember located just behind the oil pan.

Reposition the brake line slightly in order to clear the crossmember.

Remove the crossmember retaining bolts, there are usually 3 on each side, then carefully lower the crossmember and remove it from the vehicle for access.

As applicable and necessary, remove the bracket holding the transmission fluid cooler lines to the flywheel housing, brace rod to the flywheel housing and/or the lower flywheel housing.

Remove the starter-to-engine block bolts. When removing the last bolt, be sure to support the starter to keep it from falling and possibly injuring you.

On some vehicles, even with the crossmember removed clearance for starter removal is tight. As the starter is lowered, it may be necessary to rotate it upside down in order for the end to clear the motor mount, then lower the nose behind the bell housing and rotate it back so the solenoid is on top and the starter may be removed.

Carefully lower the starter and shims (if equipped) from the vehicle.Starter on 92 GMC Sonoma?
well this one is a need take take apart the back bolt of the half shaft in order to get it need to go on the passenger side tire and take the wire bolt off of it and then you shoulld be able to take it out...ive taken many out of my brothers 94 s10 blazer they are a pain...

if you have a 2.2l you have to drop the exhaust from the manifold in order to change the starter. Hope this helps and goos luck.Starter on 92 GMC Sonoma?
talk 2 a dealer or the company

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