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heyyyyy everybody! i have a starter belly ring %26amp;%26amp; its circle %26amp;%26amp; connected by a ball in the middle %26amp;%26amp; i cant figure how to change it?? like which way to turn %26amp;%26amp; stuff help needed thanks much loveSTARTER BELLY RING CHANGING PLEASE help!?
its hard but i twisted and twisted and it wouldnt come off and then me whos the idiot realized that u have to pop it off

i took scissors and put the ends in between the hole and tried to open them IT DOES NOT HURT! it sounds like it but it wont

and it will pop off and use neosporin on the new ring that u put in it will slide in easier

assuming you have waited a month after you got it done, most of the time you should go to your piercer to change CBRs [captive ball rings] you're belly ring at the moment, the ball is held in by pressure so what you need to do [if you're going to do this by yourself] is stick like a pair of scissors in there and open the scissors up so you stretch the ring out, the ball will fall out so careful you don't lose it..then you just put a sterelized barbell in there and that's it :] good luck!

How do i change the run time on an avital remote starter from 12 minutes to 24 minutes?

it is set at 12 minutes as the default but i want 24 minutes, how do i change it??? it is an avital model 4200 remote starter.How do i change the run time on an avital remote starter from 12 minutes to 24 minutes?
installation and owners manuals can be found on the link below for all avital products. do i change the run time on an avital remote starter from 12 minutes to 24 minutes?
check the owner's manual. Also, you may be able to take it back to the installer and they will do it for you. With my remote start, anytime I want a change, they do it for me at no cost. Good luck

Somebody uses San Francisco Sourdough Starter in home?

Hi people! I am a Brazilian Baker and my dream is to have the SF Starter.About 2 years I am trying to get it.How about to change my %26quot;gaucho%26quot; Starter for SF Starter(dry)?(through mail paper).Help me!!!! I thank you very much.Somebody uses San Francisco Sourdough Starter in home?
You probably should read more about it on the website:

Making your own starter

If you cannot find a source of starter it is easy to make your own. Here is how it is done:


unbleached flour (wholegrain flour works best)

chlorine free water

Bleached flour or tap water can be used, but these may give undesirable results. Chlorine in tap water can kill the wild yeast that you wish to grow. Bleached flour has most of the yeasts killed.


Combine 1 tablespoon of flour with 1 tablespoon of water and let sit overnight at room temperature. Each day add 1 tablespoon of water and one tablespoon flour and mix until the total volume is about 1 cup (240ml). Make sure that you have a working starter by observing whether the dough bubbles and rises. If not, then leave exposed to the air and test again. Thereafter, dump out 陆 cup (120ml), and mix in 陆 cup (120ml) water and 陆 cup (120ml) flour. Starter will be ready in 1 or 2 weeks, though the longer the better. There is a noticeable difference between a 1-week and a 1-month starter, and some can tell a difference between 1 month and 1 year. Some will claim it takes 40 years to get a good starter, though nobody waits that long to use it. The exact volumes used above are not critical. Use whatever measure you consider useful.

The above open-air method takes patience. You may have to repeat this procedure several times as there is no guarantee that you will pick up good yeasts floating in the air (there are many yeasts, but most will not make for good bread). The only way to tell is to wait until you get a critical mass of yeasts and see if it makes good bread. Generally, bad yeasts will smell strange. Your starter should always smell clean, perhaps with a sharp touch of alcohol/acid if it is getting old.

There is a second method that is more likely to proceed, but you lose the locality effect. Take some organic grapes. Wash them to knock off any dust or dirt, and immerse them in a bowl of clean water (as above) for 15 minutes. Remove the grapes from the water, which now contains the yeast that was growing on the outside of the grapes. If the grapes are local, then you have a local starter. Use 陆 cup of the water and 陆 cup flour to make a paste/dough, place in a small cup, cover and wait. If the dough rises, then you have a working starter. Build by doubling until you reach your desired volume.

A third method is to use a little kefir to initiate the sourdough starter. As with grapes, you will not get the effect of using a localised starter, but it is a reliable and effective method. Mix 陆 cup of water and 陆 cup of flour to make a paste/dough, add 陆 teaspoon of kefir, mix well, and set aside to ferment. Give it a stir every eight hours or so. It should be very active within 24 hours, possibly as few as 12.Somebody uses San Francisco Sourdough Starter in home?
Cheryl has the instructions right But

SF sour??

My first mother-in-law made a sour dough starter for her biscuits. as good as any SF breads..


she peeled and diced a potato covered it with water and let is set in the fridge about week.

But nobody wrote the instructions what else was added sugar, flour, IDK ?? and I don't know how it was used... or replenished ???

I was watching Terminator 2.?

And noticed the terminator was Changing the starter on a truck and asked John connor for the torque wrench.? Hes a Robot wouldent he have the Ablitiy to Know how much torque hes using.?I was watching Terminator 2.?
I'm going to go out on a limb and say that he was becoming %26quot;more human%26quot;....remember the sequence where they talked about his neuro-processor...and the more contact he has w/ humans...the more he learns....or in this case he's slow to learn, what person...or mechanic for that matter knows what they're doing half the time?

And the same arguement can be used for why he didn't destroy the remains of the T-1000...we humans always seem to under estimate situations sometimes...thinking all is well.I was watching Terminator 2.?
That is a good question. Maybe that was outside his programming; thus requiring the tool.I was watching Terminator 2.?
yes and no.... yes your right hes a robot and should know and no cause cause in the future cars were all destroyed.. so its new technology to himI was watching Terminator 2.?
its just a movie thats kinda thinking to hard, happens when you watch something to much like me haha. the one thing i always remember from that movie though is when he gets stuck at the end in the crank and has to pull his arm off and left parts behind.I was watching Terminator 2.?
Well he needed a tool - had it been the thing chasing them he would have been able to do it without the tool due to being able to shape shift :)I was watching Terminator 2.?
who cares? it's the terminator!!!! and he doesn't have enough time to throw the pieces in the smelter, they quickly melt and reform.I was watching Terminator 2.?
Good Question. But when a terminator asks you for a torque wrench, you give him a torque wrench.

How to change the solenoid on `a starter of a 1997 dodge ram 2500 conversion van with a 3.9 liter motor?

just go to the wrecking yard maybe $20.00 and get used one!How to change the solenoid on `a starter of a 1997 dodge ram 2500 conversion van with a 3.9 liter motor?
drop the starter and unbolt the solenoid cover there are two wire. one on the left and one on the right pull it off and buy a new oneHow to change the solenoid on `a starter of a 1997 dodge ram 2500 conversion van with a 3.9 liter motor?
you have to pull the starter completely off of it to do this,once off, remove the old solenoid,and go and get a new one ,match the old one up with the new one before you leave the store,and make sure its the same ,put it back on the starter,and re-install the starter,and connect the battery cable,and your done with it,make sure to tighten all the bolts up good though,that's real important,good luck with it hope this helps.
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  • How to unseize a 1983 350 v8 motor?

    i have a 1983 chevy truck and was trying to get it running .. we had it turning but it was just not firing but it was turning slowly ... and then i changed the starter a week later and went to start it and it didn't turn .. i tried turning it by hand and it wouldn't budge ... any one got a solution? i don't really want to take it all apart but i will if necessary.How to unseize a 1983 350 v8 motor?
    Marvel mystery oil in cylinders has worked for me before. Once it starts to turn work it back and forth slowly until you make a couple of full rotations. If that doesnt work,do what another poster said and pull heads. You can use a block of wood on top of piston and TAP not beat with a hammer. Sometimes this will give it that little extra it needs. But yeah the turning earlier part is odd.How to unseize a 1983 350 v8 motor?
    Hey man If i were you i would pull the heads and pour marvel mystery oil into the cylinders and just let it sit for a day and do it again for a day. Try turning it over by hand to see if it frees up a little. Also take out all spark plugs that will allow you to turn it easier by hand. It will still be hard to turn over just because you are turning 8 pistons!

    good luckHow to unseize a 1983 350 v8 motor?
    That happened to me, same motor but in a boat. I poured mystery oil into the spark plug holes and turned it with a breaker bar after a day. A little at a time. It will go.

    The fact that it was turning a week earlier makes me wonder though.

    Advance Map Help?

    Please do not answer unless you acually have one that is a use to me. Not to be rude but I get a lot of answers that just say what are you talking about or I don't know. I'm new to the whole pokemon hack advance map thing. I get how to use the building new cities and towns, putting any pokemon where I want to, putting people where I want, and I kind of know how to do the tile thing. But need help with the events. I put the characters in that I want to do something for the event and set the like number of events thing and information to the side of it but when I go to the game and start it, it doesn't work. Just anything you can tell me about events that could help me please tell me I would really appreciate it. Oh and can you tell me how to change the starters for the games. Thank youAdvance Map Help?
    well you can use A- starter which can be found at it is in Spanish but go tho the bottom

    and click herramientas on the right side. you can download anything you will need from there.

    if you want to change the events of sprites by scripting in notepad. here's a link to help you. you can use advance text to put your scripts in hex form.

    if you need anymore help, go to you tube and type in scripting tutorial.

    (this is probably very long, but it helped me when i was new.)