Saturday, November 20, 2010

2002 chevy silverado How to change the starter?

Cany anyone explain to me how to change the starter? I will be installing the new one to day and could use a little insight!2002 chevy silverado How to change the starter?
Disconnect the battery first. Crawl underneath and find where the positive battery cable is attached to the starter solenoid.

Take it off and remove the smaller wires attached to the solenoid next to the battery cable. Make a mental note of how they were attached.

Next, find and remove the two bolts that hold the starter to the engine block. If there are any flat, metal pieces, those are shims and you need to use them on the new starter most likely.

Now you have to take the starter out. Sometimes this is easy, more often than not, it is a pain in the butt due to exhaust and chassis parts. It will come out, just be patient and figure it out.

Now wiggle the new one in place, reinstall the bolts and any shims . Reattach the battery cable and the smaller wire(s).

Hook the battery back up and start the truck up!

Good Luck!

Note: Sometimes it next to impossible to disconnect the wires at the back of the starter while in place. If so, you can remove the bolts first and pull the starter down a bit so as to get to the wires. Make sure not to put the weight of the starter on the wires, support somehow or have a friend help hold it. Do the same when installing the new starter.2002 chevy silverado How to change the starter?
it is quite simple. actually, it is only 2 bolts to remove it from the motor, then disconnect the wires, reconnect, and put the 2 bolts back in2002 chevy silverado How to change the starter?
mike h is on it. go for it and you should be fine

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