Wednesday, November 24, 2010

95 saturn starter change?

i need direction on how to change the starter on a 95 saturn, step by step will be the best, thanks.95 saturn starter change?
Disconnect the battery, Raise the car up on jack stands.

Laying under the car, the starter is up behind the engine, up above the right side axle. You will need to disconnect a 13mm(1/2 inch) nut off the starter (this is the battery, feed thick red cable) Then you will need to disconnect the smaller nut (10mm i think) this is the ignition feed. Once those are disconnected there are two 15mm bolts to remove one is visible, one is not. You will need a shot extension maybe 3-4 inches on your rachet to gain access to the bolt you cannot see... Once those are out, reverse the procedure to assemble.

Kevin95 saturn starter change?
before raising car remove 8mm bolt from positive side of battery, raise car, remove 15mm nut from starter post, unhook starter wire, use deep 13mm socket with 3 inch extension, remove lower bolt. Use 13mm socket with 6 inch extension remove top starter bolt, remove old starter, replace with new starter and place top bolt into socket, reaching over the starter, install top bolt, bottom bolt, then reattach wires.

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