Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Starter motor humming noise?

vw sharan 1.9 tdi diesel. 98 year with 150,000 on clock went to start it and the starter just made a humming noise, i took the key out but the noise carried on for 2 mins, when it stopped the car started normally. is it time to change the starter motor ? it was definatly the motor as i put my hand on and could feel it.

how could it keep going with the key out of the lock ?

thanksStarter motor humming noise?
the solenoid is sticking on the starter motor it need replacing the starter has permanent power so that is why it keeps going when the key is removedStarter motor humming noise?
Hi there -

The starter can keep running with the key out of the ignition if there is a fault with the supply circuit, this could be a sticking relay or indeed the starter solenoid itself.

Hope this helps!

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